Zenith ARCA

Zenith ARCA (Advanced Recovery and Continuity Appliance)

The Zenith Advanced Recovery and Continuity Appliance (ARCA) is a network-attached storage device for Windows Servers that comes preloaded with all backup, recovery and virtualization software it needs to protect your business. It’s a perfect complement or replacement to existing tape backups because of its ability to provide near-term, near-line recovery from a single file, database or mail message, up to a full production server, in minutes.

  • Block Level Transfer for More Efficient, Reliable Backups
  • 15-Minute Incremental Snapshots for Higher Recovery Point Objectives
  • Total Windows Server Backup Preserves OS and Applications, not just Data
  • Restore Systems in a Fraction of the Time of Conventional Backups
  • Multiple Replication Schemes
  • Exchange Granular Recovery, Restore Down to the Message Level
  • Rapid Failover Server Virtualization, Right on the ARCA
  • Bare Metal Restore, Even to Dissimilar Hardware or Virtual Systems (or Environments)
  • Industry Standard Encryption to Keep Your Backups Safe
  • Automatic and Non-Disruptive with No Backup Windows Needed
  • Integrated Management and Reporting