Strata Guard IDS/IPS

The award-winning Strata Guard™ is an enterprise-class high-speed intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS). Beyond blocking malicious attacks with its on-board firewall, Strata Guard enforces your network audit and usage polices and can block peer-to-peer file sharing, instant messaging, chat, prohibited browsing activity, and worm propagation. Offering state of the art network virus protection and hacker protection, Strata Guard detects anomalous activity such as spoofed attack source addresses, TCP state verification, and rouge services running on the network.

Highly automated, Strata Guard is designed for ease of use and streamlined administration and management. Strata Guard takes the powerful, open-source Snort® IDS engine and makes it practical for protecting corporate-scale networks. A hardened Linux OS installs with Strata Guard. Through its multilayered Dynamic Attack Qualification™ technologies, Strata Guard eliminates false-positives. Its multi-node, multi-user management capabilities allow for enterprise-wide deployments and provide appropriate levels of control for all users requiring access to security data. Strata Guard IDS IPS solutions are available as software or as a preconfigured hardware appliances.