GateDefender Performa (SCM)

High scalability and availability. High performance dedicated real-time protection against malware, spam and non-business and potentially dangerous web activity

Panda GateDefender Performa is a scalable and ultra-reliable dedicated perimeter security device offering maximum real-time protection against content-based threats at the perimeter. It blocks all types of malware, spam, non-business and possibly dangerous web activity and other Internet threats before they enter the company.

Its ease-of-use (set-in and forget-it) ensures that it is deployed in-line in a matter of minutes without any network modifications, integrating seamlessly with existing systems.

Thanks to the automatic load-balancing capability, this solution adapts to the needs of any company, from SMBs to large enterprises And as it is modular solution, its scan capacity adapts to all types of traffic and network environments.